• Bringing the tech lab to the field

    Cloud computing for agile prototyping

    • Fast to deploy
    • Plug and play
    • Provide on-demand services
    • Easy to maintain

    We massively use serverless technologies for our cloud-based workflows, reducing the carbon-footprint of our services.

    Edge computing for scaling up

    • Milliseconds delays
    • No useless information sent on the network
    • Smallest possible global carbon footprint
  • We are video processing experts

    We were awarded the 2019 “Amazon Startup Architecture of the year” for the robustness of our cloud technology.


    Our cloud is designed to compute more than 5 million video frames every day !

  • Two technologies at the heart of the horse racing industry 

  • Augmented reality

    Delivering the next generation of immersive and personalized fan experience.

    Live data extraction

    Providing real-time data, extracted from video content, for the sports, betting and media industry.

  • broken image

    See how we augment the sport industry through computer vision.


  • Alezan.ai AI understands horse-racing videos 

  • Race Events Detection

    Detecting the start, end, arrival, replays, cuts, etc.

    Horse Orientation

    Identifying the direction the horse is moving in

    Jockey Identification

    Recognizing jockeys' silk numbers, patterns, colors

    Horse / Jockey Dynamics

    Tracking the horse by modelling horse / jockey dynamics