Our missions

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    To develop and constantly upgrade an innovative and powerful artificial intelligence which humans can learn from and grow beyond; while allowing the company to offer cutting-edge services to its customers around the world and across industries

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    To offer a better sports betting experience to international viewers thanks to technologies such as machine learning, big data, computer vision and augmented reality; while providing bookkeepers and broadcasters with high-quality revenue generating products and services.

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    To better understand horses and improve our relationship with animals in general thanks to artificial intelligence learning; while enhancing sports safety and fairness standards through practice transparency.

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    Is human-centered

    • Only the human mind is capable of fixing the mistakes of the AI.
    • Carefully designing the feedback loop is part of the product.

    Unleashes new usages and levels of data

    • Horse-racing is the first MMOG (Massively multi-player online game) in the gaming industry.
    • Real-time betting and augmented reality will be game-changers for the industry.
    • Horse-racing + AI = the perfect lab to gain better understanding on horses