Why computer vision is a game changer for horse-racing ?

By Pierre Colle

In recent years, AI has been used extensively in horse racing to predict the outcome of races. This has been made possible through the development of advanced statistical learning and game theory techniques. However, there has been one key component missing from this equation: computer vision.


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Mixing different level of Artificial Intelligence, an integrated AI will emerge, combining different types of knowledge from different sources

But why is computer vision so essential to the future of AI in horse racing?

Simply put, computer vision allows us to “see” the race in a way that is not possible with traditional methods. With computer vision, we can enhance the live experience of horse racing by providing augmented reality overlays that display key performance metrics and statistics for each horse in real-time.

This can help betters make more informed decisions and can also provide an added layer of excitement and engagement for fans.

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Adding an augmented reality layer can improve the understanding and the fan’s engagement

But that’s not all - computer vision can also be used to improve the safety of horse racing. By tracking the movements and behaviors of each horse, we can identify potential risks and take steps to prevent injuries or accidents.

This can help protect the horses, jockeys, and other participants in the race, and can also help to ensure that the races are fair and competitive.

Overall, the combination of statistical learning, game theory, and computer vision is a powerful tool for improving the horse racing industry.

At Alezan.ai, we are dedicated to developing technology that will help us better understand and predict the outcome of races, and enhance the live experience for both industry professionals and fans.

If you’re interested in learning more about the role of AI in horse racing, I encourage you to check out my full paper on the topic “What AI can do for horse-racing” and to stay tuned for future updates from Alezan.ai.