Augmented Starting Gates

with Computer Vision AI

No ?

No worries ! We were also very confused at first ! 😕

Simply put...

A program number is the number you can read see on the horses' saddlecloth. It's also the number that appears alongside the name of each horse on TV or websites.

On the other hand, post position numbers indicate the gate position from which your favorite horse will start.

👉 So here it is : we use program numbers to place a bet - never do we use post position numbers.

What about Thoroughbred racing in North America, you ask? Yes, post positions are frequently used to determine the program numbers, but not always! Additionally, if a horse scratches, all the horses drawn outside of it in the starting gate move inward one slot.

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You know how it can be tough to keep tabs on all the horses right before a race starts?

🤖 Well, here at, we're using computer vision and AI to make it easier. We're developing an augmented reality feature that clearly displays whether or not each horse has entered the starting gate.